Considerations When Hiring Security Guards

Do you intend to hire security guards? For instance, you could need to bump up your home or office security. Caution is at the heart of the security guard hiring process. After all, the individual's primary responsibility is to protect your home or business from threats. Below is a piece discussing the considerations to make when hiring security guards. 

Decide Whether You Want Freelance or Company Guards

Most people wonder whether they should hire company or freelance guards. Well, you should assess your needs to know which option suits you. Typically, company guards are preferable for people who need several guards on their premises. Most security companies equip their guards with the expertise to offer coordinated security services. Moreover, these guards could offer better services since they have a prior working history. Security companies also offer additional services that freelance guards cannot offer. For instance, they could provide alarm monitoring and emergency response services. 

Freelance guards suit people looking for personalised services. Ideally, they have a flexible contract that allows them to perform tasks outside their purview. For instance, the security guard could offer to drive you or your family members to work. Freelance security guards also suit clients who prefer to work with a single individual. Remember, company guards might work in shifts; hence you might have to work with several guards throughout the week. 

Conduct Background Checks On The Guards

The security guards have access to your business premises and private life. Therefore, it only makes sense to conduct background checks before engaging their services. Contact some of the guard's previous employees to establish the professionalism they observe at the workplace. Positive reviews from the guard's referees guarantee that they offer quality services. 

Assess The Guard's Experience

You should also assess the security guard's experience. For instance, has the security guard worked in security agencies such as the military or police force? This experience comes in handy if you want the guard to handle firearms or when your life is at significant risk. What skills does your preferred guard possess? For instance, you might want a guard with some customer care training if they will receive and guide guests on your business premises. If you need a personal guard, consider professionals with the expertise to offer VIP protection.  

For more information about how security guards can protect your home or your business, contact a company in your area. 

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