4 Areas Where You Should Install Home Security Cameras

If you've made the wise decision to improve the security of your home with cameras, be sure to make the most of them by placing them in the right locations. After all, a camera that faces in the wrong direction or fails to capture a criminal on tape is as useful as no camera at all. 

Let's take a look at four of the most useful areas for a home security system installation.

1. Exterior doors

Exterior doors, from front to back to side, are all great spots for a home security camera. Your doors are one of the weakest spots in your home when it comes to break-ins, so installing cameras here will help you catch any potential burglars.

Plus, remember that security cameras aren't just for forced entry. Installing cameras at your doors will allow you to keep track of everyone who enters your home. You'll be able to maintain a record of maintenance personnel, delivery personnel, babysitters, and family members as they enter and exit the building, giving you a solid frame of reference if anything goes missing.

2. Garages and driveways

Your garage and driveway are another possible weak point of entry. Installing a surveillance camera above your driveway or facing your garage door will allow you to detect any suspicious activity before it turns into trouble. Another excellent location to install a camera is your driveway gate. This will help you spot burglars scoping out the area before they ever make it to a break-in.

3. Staircases and hallways

Cameras installed in your main stairwells make it difficult for intruders to walk around your house undetected. Bedrooms and living rooms are common targets for thieves because they often contain expensive electronics and jewellery, but no one wants a security camera to monitor their private living spaces. Instead, installing cameras in the halls and staircases that lead to these rooms will show you exactly where an intruder or burglar has been.

4. Yard

Don't forget that thieves can steal from your yard as well as your home. Expensive lawn furniture and tools are often an easy target, especially if you don't have fencing around your home. Installing cameras around your home's perimeter will deter these burglars or help you identify them if there is an incident. They're also great for preventing youth vandalism, from graffiti to breakages. Plus, like a driveway gate camera, yard cameras will help you spot potentially intruders wandering around the house looking for weak points. 

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