Two Security Mistakes People Make When Renovating Their Homes

Here are the two security mistakes people usually make when renovating their homes.

They don't take care of their CCTV during the renovations

One blunder that lots of homeowners make is failing to take care of their CCTV systems throughout their renovations. For example, after doing lots of sawing or plastering in a room, they might not wipe the dust from the lens of the CCTV camera in that room. If they leave the lens coated in this dust for days or weeks, none of the footage that the camera records will be usable. This could cause serious issues for the homeowner if anyone steals renovation materials or household items from that room during that period.

Similarly, if whilst replacing the crown moulding in a room, they bump into the CCTV camera in the corner of this moulding and change its position so that it's no longer overlooking the room, but is instead pointing towards the ceiling, it won't record any security incidents that happen in that room.

As such, it's vital for homeowners to ensure that they periodically examine their CCTV systems, to ensure they're free of renovation debris that could hinder their functionality and to ensure that they are still positioned at the angles they're supposed to be at.

They don't expand or readjust their CCTV systems in accordance with the changes they've made

The other mistake homeowners make is not expanding or readjusting their CCTV in accordance with the changes they've made to their properties during the renovations. For example, if a homeowner builds an extension and doesn't purchase a few additional cameras for their CCTV system and put them in this new structure, this extension will be more vulnerable than the other areas of their home. This could increase the likelihood of it being vandalised or of its contents being stolen.

Likewise, if their renovations resulted in them changing the position of an exterior door and they don't move the outdoor CCTV camera that is still aligned with the door's previous location, they won't be able to view anyone who approaches that door or see, via their security monitors, if that door has been broken down or is ajar and needs to be shut.

As such, the first thing a homeowner should do after finishing any renovations is to consider if they need to update or change the location of their CCTV system. This will ensure that the results of their renovations won't be ruined by burglars or vandals.

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