Why You Should Invest in Additional Security Equipment

If you are a business owner trying to keep your store and valuables protected, then you no doubt have installed quite a few CCTV cameras, heavy-duty locks, and internal alarms. While these all do a great job working as deterrents, they generally can't physically stop someone who is intent on getting into your property. If someone really wants to get in, they will find a way and it can be quite a while before the police respond to non-critical alarms from small businesses. That is why you should consider engaging a security patrol company. 

What Is a Security Patrol?

A security patrol is a team of well-trained security professionals who are equipped with all the tools and experience they need to be able to respond to threats to your property. A security patrol can work in two ways, onsite responders and random spot checks. 

To break things down a little further, it is best to investigate what each of these options would look like for you.

Security Patrols That Are Always On-Site

A security patrol that is always on-site is the best defensive mechanism you can have against intruders. Not only will they have direct access to all your security monitoring equipment, such as the aforementioned CCTV and alarm systems, but they will provide an active presence that can deal with threats immediately.

If someone is prowling around the exterior of your property, a security patrol can ask them to move on. If someone actually breaks in, the security patrol can call for the police instantly, and then move to intercept or trap the burglars. Having someone around basically reduces the chances of a successful getaway to naught. 

Randomised Security Patrols

If you don't have the resources to afford a constant security presence, then a patrol that checks in at random times can be just as effective for smaller properties. Many thieves and criminals will watch a business for a few days and nights to plan their heist. When they realise that you have real-life security coming at random times they will most likely leave and try for an easier mark.

If something does happen, your security patrol will be alerted by the alarms and CCTV so that they can be at your business in minutes. There is a big difference between the threat of police showing up and the actual certainty of a randomised security patrol.  

To learn more, contact a security patrol company near you. 

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