Important Insights When Selecting a Security Screen Door

According to available data, 231,000 homes were broken into in Australia between 2018 and 2019. For many homeowners, security screen doors offer additional protection against burglars, bugs and natural elements. However, with so many options on the market, choosing a security screen door that suits your needs might be challenging and confusing for most homeowners. Here are essential considerations to help you make the right decision.

Standard -- Security is an essential consideration for many homeowners that aim to forestall any unwanted guests. For a security screen door to be considered superior in quality, it must meet or conform to the Australian Standards. The framework outlines the specifications of a security screen door that meet the fundamental requirements of a home. For example, some doors must have a deadlock for increased security. Besides, the Australian Standards require a security screen door to undergo some tests before being approved. Testing is critical, especially if you intend to rent out your property. Therefore, engage an expert to guide you through the selection process and ensure compliance with regulations.

Mounting -- The mode of installing a security door influences its ability to withstand pressure, especially from forceful entry. Notably, two security screen door mounting procedures are available in the market: the flush and tube mounting techniques. Although they serve the same purpose, the two styles are different. For instance, flush mounting enhances security since there is no gap between the screen and the main door. Besides, flush-mounted screen doors provide a natural feel since they appear like the primary door, which is not the case. In contrast, tube-based security screen doors are installed a few inches, mostly 1 to 1.25 inches, from the main entry since frames must be fixed. Notably, tube doors provide enhanced security, but they are a bit expensive compared to flush-mounted doors. Therefore, you should either go for flush or tube mounting based on your security needs and budget.

Grilles -- While security screen doors are designed to offer homeowners more protection against burglaries and bugs, they should also look aesthetically appealing. Most importantly, the grilles must be thick and attached to the door frame artistically. You can either rivet or screw the louvres to the main body based on preference and taste. For example, it is recommended that the distance between rivets or screws be uniform for enhanced strength.

To learn more, contact a security screen door supplier.

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