4 Top Tips to Enhance Your Home Security

New homeowners must know that the first step to protecting your family and property is to have security resources in the home. Security resources imply holistic measures that you put in place to safeguard your home, for example, surveillance systems, motion detectors, alarm systems, and reinforcement of all entry points. Notably, several security systems can fit any homeowner's budget. Here are some top tips to securing your home against unauthorized entry. 

Video Camera Surveillance -- Nowadays, there are numerous designs of surveillance cameras to suit everyone's budget. For instance, if you are on a bare bones budget, you can install one or two cameras at strategic points in your home. If the budget allows it, you can purchase a state-of-the-art surveillance system that has multiple cameras and a video storage device with extended recording time. If you opt for this version, you also get a night vision mode that is capable of filming clearly at night. Such cameras can pick up movement by intruders in the dead of night, and thus, useful in identifying any potential burglars. If you are an IT savvy person, you can make your surveillance system using your computer and some old webcams.

Secure your Doors -- Security experts recommend that you install a solid exterior door such as steel or solid wood to mitigate against unauthorized intrusion. Further, main entrances such as the front, back, and basement doors should have strong frames to withstand any brute force. Furthermore, make sure that all door hinges are installed on the inside as opposed to the outside. You don't want a burglar to access your home by quickly removing the hinge pin. Notably, shrewd homeowners have all their exterior doors installed with deadbolts to make the doors less prone to illegal entry.  

Alarm System -- Alarm systems are often a deterrent to burglars because of the loud sound emitted on activation. No burglars would dare stand their ground after an alarm system goes off for fear of being caught. Wireless alarm systems are common in modern homes, but they might cost you more. However, the ease of installation and operation makes them popular among discerning homeowners. Apart from the sound, some alarm systems work by sending a notification to the owner or security agency.

Maintenance of the Security System -- Regular inspection and maintenance of residential security system not only gives you peace of mind but also minimizes defects and repair costs. Have a professional installer inspect and maintain your alarm system at least once a year to troubleshoot any problems such as false alarms. The expert can also align the security cameras to remove any blind spots that burglars can take advantage of. 

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