Stand-Alone Home Security Systems for Self-Reliant People

Many of the modern home security systems that are on the market these days make use of the technological world we now live in. Virtual camera systems and text intruder alerts are increasingly popular, but they have a common problem: they rely on telecommunications systems to be up and running in order to work. If you suffer from regular telephone line problems or inhabit somewhere in the country which is not well served by mobile phone or broadband connections, then you may feel let down by these interconnected security systems.

All is not lost, however, because there are plenty of stand-alone security products out there which provide a high level of assurance, too. Not only do they function when your phone line may have been cut, but many will operate on a battery system if the mains power is down.

Security Lighting

When you are away from your property and want to keep intruders away from windows and other access points into your home, you may well leave a light or two on. Burglars dislike being able to be seen, but what if the power is down? In such cases, all you need is one or two battery powered security lights installed in key positions, like over your back door. Solar-powered ones require little maintenance and store the sun's energy from the day in their integrated battery packs. If they only come on when they detect movement, then they'll be enough to deter any intruder.

Strong Boxes and Safes

People who live in rural locations have to be self-reliant and not necessarily depend on the police to respond to things like burglar alarms. If so, then keeping your valuables stored safely in a strong box or a combination lock safe is the best option. If someone gets in, then it slows them down before key items, like jewellery and cash, can be taken. This may buy you time to respond yourself or to alert the authorities to what is going on.

Intercom Kits

Not opening your front door when you cannot raise help is the first line of defence. Security conscious people still need to be able to talk to people who turn up, however, in case they are a genuine caller. To do so, a simple intercom that provides voice communications from either your gate or front door is the ideal solution. Most are inexpensive and can run on battery power, if required, as well.

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