3 Fire Protection Considerations Before Officially Opening Your Café For Business

If you're in the process of opening up a café, you'll want to make sure you have everything in order before you open it up to the public because any mishap caused by negligence could cost you dearly. A café is at high risk of a fire danger since open flames and high-powered appliances are used through the day. This guide offers you some fire protection considerations before you officially open your café for business.

Consider Fitting An Automated Suppression Device To Put Out Cooking Fires

Fires can easily occur around cooktops because of the amount of oil and grease used in food preparation. Many café fires are caused around cooking equipment in the kitchen, so you may want to consider fitting an automated suppression device to put them out quickly. These devices detect a fire and automatically disperse fire-suppressing chemicals to nearby cooking equipment. The device can also be designed to turn off gas supply to the equipment to ensure that the danger is reduced as much as possible.

Consider Implementing A Staff Training Program For Correct Fire Handling

Staff often have to deal with a café fire first hand, and can end up making the situation a lot worse if they are not trained properly. For instance, many employees may instinctively attempt to throw water over a grease fire, like they would with a normal fire, but this will only cause the fire to erupt and spread further. Similarly, they should know how to use a fire extinguisher effectively by aiming at the base of the fire and not at the top. By implementing a proper staff training program to handle fire correctly, you're effectively taking a significant amount of danger away for your employees and patrons.

Consider Applying Emergency Evacuation Protocols To Maximise Safety Of Employees And Patrons

Keep in mind that a fire could erupt in your café at any time, whether the place is empty or at its busiest peak, so you must have emergency evacuation protocols already set to maximise safety of your employees and customers. Train your staff to remain calm and in control of the situation by employing a specific action plan in the event of an unprecedented fire. Make sure your emergency exits are unobstructed at all times and have a set evacuation policy to avoid chaos and confusion during the emergency. If there is no designated fire exit, make sure your staff are prepared to direct patrons away through existing exits as safely as possible.

A fire protection consultant can assess your particular café plans and offer your professional guidance to prevent any potential hazards. 

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