Three Guidelines on Enhancing Home Security with Screen Doors

Most intruders gain access into homes through doors as opposed to other options such as windows. Therefore, if you are planning on enhancing the security in your property, you should think about securing your entryways. One of the best methods to make this improvement is by installing a security screen door. This feature will allow you to leave your main door open so that air and natural light will flow in, without compromising your safety and security. In addition, the screen door provides an extra layer of security in addition to the main door in case of a robbery. Here are some guidelines to help you attain the best results with your new security screen door.

Choose a Strong Frame

The frame of your selected security screen door will affect its performance. In simple terms, if the frame is vulnerable to distortion and general damage, it will not function as a reliable security feature. This is because it can be bent out of form to provide a weakness which can be exploited. Therefore, you should choose a strong and resilient door frame. Ideally, this should be made using steel because the metal is hardwearing and resistant to damage. However, you should remember that the surface is vulnerable to rust, so make certain that the door is galvanised or painted. Aluminium is a lighter alternative, but it performs relatively well, particularly in coastal environments.

Consider the Screen Infill

The screen infill of your security door is also a critical element or the new feature. Basically, this refers to the material installed in between the frames. If this component of the door is not strong enough, an intruder can easily cut through the door and gain access into your home. Ideally, you should look for a door with steel bars or grilles. These are strong and cannot be easily damaged by mechanical impact or using a hack saw. You can choose a screen door with decorative motifs if you want to enhance the aesthetics of your home. Aluminium infill is not ideal unless you are interested in a flyscreen. However, you might find some good aluminium doors with structural-level perforated sheets.

Install for Optimal Performance

Finally, you should make certain that the door is installed properly. It is advisable to engage a professional technician for the best results. In general, the security door should have multiple hinge points, and these should be recessed to prevent jimmying. Additionally, the locking mechanism should have a long throw into the frame for maximum security.

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